Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

My Secret Fetish

fishnet stockingsI first began wearing stockings, then high heels and followed by everything else…panties, bra, miniskirts, perfume and make up. I loved the way it felt being dressed up and feeling sexy. The most significant part of the excitement was the visual aspect…seeing myself in the mirror.

I began developing my mannerisms and the way I walked while dressed that made me feel more feminine. Of course it was done in secret but several times I ventured outside at night just sitting on the porch and once walked to the car in the driveway where the excitement of maybe someone seeing me was a thrill. I did share my fetish with a girlfriend and she loved it! We shared many nights with me dressed up. We even went out shopping together for clothes for me. That was exciting to!

Anon xx

  • Sam

    Sex is amazing when I'm feminine. x

  • Jairoargote

    I like crossdressing. I also enjoy riding horseback a lot. Riding my horse wearing skin tight pocketless jeans, erotic thongs,sexy blouses makes me feel very happy. Both my body and my butts are beautiful,well fitted. . I recommend specially.

  • Tracy Burton

    I too venture outside at night, i also like the excitement of maybe been seen by someone.

    Tracy x

  • Tracy Burton04

    I am also a secret crossdresser. I have been out dressed up late at night, i love the feel of the breeze or the wind on my stocking clad legs, it makes me feel so sexy as i walk the streets near to where i live, and the excitment of some one seeing me.

    Tracy xxx