Monday, July 25th, 2016

How to Crossdress – The Complete Guide

To find out how you can enjoy your cross dressing experience as part of your everyday life you need to read this guide to help you turn your cross dressing dreams into reality.

My name is Zoe and I started to cross dress when I was little. I used to walk around the house wearing my mother’s shoes. In my teens these feelings did not go away and I wanted to dress up in more women’s clothing. This however proved to be difficult as I was part of a large family living at home which made it impossible to sneak something on from my sister’s wardrobe without being caught.

In my late teens I was happy when I got my own place to live in so that I could cross-dress in private. I ordered some lingerie, a pair of court shoes and a cute black dress through a mail order company. Now I could really enjoy the sensation of the suspenders tugging away at the tops of my stockings under my dress as I walked around the house.

As I become more comfortable and relaxed wearing women’s clothing around the house I then started experimenting with makeup and wigs. I quickly became disheartened as the more I experimented the more I failed to look like a lady. I wanted to really pass as a lady and venture outside listening to the click of my heels as I walked down the street; but in reality I still very much looked, spoke and walked like a man and was nowhere near ready to go out.

I knew that I needed help but I wasn’t ready to tell anyone about my cross dressing needs. I looked to the internet for some answers. Help came in form a book written by a professional cross dresser called Jamie Young. I read Jamie’s letter on her website and then purchased her book called Cross Dressing Guide. I grabbed a coffee and read all 173 pages from cover to cover.

My first read of the guide opened up my eyes telling me exactly what’s involved to become a lady. The guide was a fascinating read. The book is not just about how to dress up as a lady but how you will get into the real mind of a woman so that you can walk, talk, and ultimately look like a lady.

I was keen to get started and become the woman of my dreams. You too will have the knowledge and confidence to walk down the street with your favourite heels on without a care in the world. This guide is already very popular amongst other cross dressers and has helped thousands of people already to cross dress the right way. As with any good quality information there is a small price to pay for this guide but its well worth the investment for the amount of help and information you get.

I became very excited as this guide opened my mind and made me realize that with proper teaching and guidance it would really be possible to get the look that I wanted in order to venture out into the world with my head held high as a lady and I am sure you will too.

Here are just a few areas that this excellent cross dressing guide covers.

Creating a Feminine Face


Your face is the most important part of your body to get right for the new you. If you have never applied make up before or had a go but not achieved the results you wanted then this guide will help you. It gives an overview of the important items you need and gives you some step-by-step instructions on how to look after and prepare your face as well as some key make up tips. The guide does not go into really advanced techniques but will give you a good general understanding on the following:

  • Looking after your skin
  • Make up techniques and advice including the tools and products you need
  • Shaving & beard covering techniques
  • Fixing your eyebrows and applying eye shadow
  • The purpose of mascara and working with your lashes
  • Choose & apply your lipstick & lip liner

Creating a Feminine Body


The next thing the guide concentrates on is your body shape. Your body is your temple and if you have a big or very masculine temple then don’t worry as you will learn the differences between the male and female bone structure. You will also learn how to classify your shape so that you can create a body image and shape which will compliment the clothes you wear. You will be pleasantly surprised when you try out a few tips mentioned here. Items covered for your body include:

  • Your body image
  • Classifying your body shape
  • Feminine tissue
  • Cosmetic corrections
  • Getting rid of your body hair
  • Taking care of your hands and nails
  • Choosing breast forms and how to create your perfect cleavage
  • Hips & bum tricks
  • How to hide your manhood
  • Weight control and female nutrition

The All Important Wig

Now that you have a beautiful feminine face and curvaceous body you now need the perfect wig to compliment your face and your image. It is great fun choosing a wig. Wigs can be expensive and if you are ordering your wig over the internet then the advice in Jamie’s guide will help you make the right choice:

  • Choosing the hairstyle to suite your face and body shape
  • Putting on your wig giving you a natural look
  • Cleaning and caring for your wig
  • Storage & traveling with your wig

Clothing & Sizes


The most exciting part of the guide is learning about ladies clothes, sizes and what type of clothing is best for your shape. It will help you decide on the right look and style to suit your face and body:

  • Determining your cloth size
  • Wearing and choosing your lingerie
  • Your correct bust measurement
  • Choosing your outfits
  • Shopping without fear
  • Buying your shoes and how to walk in high heels
  • Choosing and wearing your accessories
  • Classic items for your wardrobe

Behaving Like a Woman

Let’s recap. You now have a beautiful feminine face, great body and fantastic style. You have been through a full step-by-step process so that you can look like an elegant lady. Now it’s time for finishing school. You will now learn the art of body language, movement and behavior so that you will not just look like a lady but you will become one. I was particularly impressed with this section of the guide which is worth the price alone. It goes into a lot detail on how to think like a woman first (Yes! it can be done) before detailing how to act and actually become a woman. Steps include:

  • A guide to how women move
  • Using your lips & your smile
  • Practicing your poise
  • How to walk as women
  • How to stand and sit as a woman
  • How to get in and out of your car
  • Being street wise
  • How to dress while you are driving
  • Hormone use


Included in the price you will also receive a special guide that will help you to find your female voice. You will have the confidence to speak to anyone whilst you are a lady just by learning the techniques in this excellent guide.

You will also receive another special guide on female hormone therapy. There are a lot of treatments on the market to help you. This guide will give you an insight into what female hormone therapy is and what products are available.

Once you buy the book I advise you to sit back, relax and give it a first read from start to finish. By doing this it will give you an overall picture what you need to achieve in order to be a confident new female. When you have read the guide then you will be ready to concentrate on each part of your body until you are happy with both your look and your femininity.

It has been almost a year since I bought this guide and since then I have refined and improved both look and my feminization just by practising the key principles outlined in this guide. As they say pictures speak a thousand words and the pictures of me on this site prove that with the right information, advice, practice and commitment a man can well and truly become a lady for a day, month, week, and year or indeed for life.

This is a great resource to help you achieve your ultimate fantasy and become a lady.

Have Fun

Zoe xx