Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Why Being Forced to Crossdress is All the Rage!

Forced crossdressing is a desire to get gratification from being forced to wear and do everything that you are told by a dominant other. This goes hand in hand as part of your feminine discourse and will allow you to act out some of the most popular fantasies. Most crossdressers use this fantasy role playing as part of their escapism from the normal world and to act out their wildest dreams. The desire to be told what to do is very much a feminine instinct in everyone which can be released in the form of role play.

So here’s the rules:

  • Get dressed into your sexiest outfit(if you haven’t already)
  • Join one of these great Forced Fantasy Sites Reviewed Below
  • Watch, read and act out your forced crossdressing desires
  • I guarantee that you will be bubbling with sexual gratification and ready to release your load. Are you ready?

    Forced Feminization

    You get home from work wearing your shirt and tie. The house is dark and silent. All of a sudden you are pounced on from behind and quickly tied up and taken to a room. You are made to undress and then a silk corset is given to you. A metal object is prodding you in your lower back. As you start fearing for your life you put the corset on followed by a pair of Italian silk stockings. You fumble with the claps as your hands start to sweat and you heart is pounding. Just as you manage to fasten the last clasp on your stocking top the voice tells you to put on a long green sequin dress. As you step into it you can feel the calves of your legs shaking and become slightly unbalanced. You can sense a third person sitting in a dark corner of the room, perhaps a woman spectator, maybe your wife. The spectator gets up and zips the back of your dress up. You feel the material hug the shape of your body. You know that you are in for a long night…Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Forced Feminization Fantasy.


    Female Private Eyes
    A crossdressers worst nightmare is to get caught, so this will get your heart racing as you go about your business wearing your heels and stockings while elsewhere a nosy detective has got you under surveillance and recording your every move on video. You would get caught red handed going into the closet and stealing women’s clothes and make-up. You will be filmed putting on your makeup and adjusting your wig before you set off to the shops. The detective will follow you around keeping her distance so that she is not found out. Once you got home you will be confronted with the detective who will then show you the video and then the detective herself will make demands for which you must obey. Otherwise you will be found out…Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Forced Feminization Fantasy.

    Forced Humiliation
    So you want a woman to use your body for their pleasure. You will be humiliated into doing absolutely everything she wants, she will not stop until she gets what she wants…Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Forced Humiliation Fantasy.


    Wife Domination

    Your wife has got you under her thumb and wants you to do everything for her. She is tired of being the woman of the house and is well ad truly going to put her foot down while wearing her 6 inch Stiletto thigh boots. You are now at her mercy for bringing home such a pitiful wage. she takes off her bra and throws in your face demanding you to put it on. you look stunned and because you haven’t acted quickly enough she rips the shirt off your body and slaps you round the face telling you to hurry up. Your wife is in no mood to be messed with and plays with the top of her whip that is tucked inside her boot with one hand while flicking through her dresses in the wardrobe with the other deciding what her husband is going to wear tonight…Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Humiliation Fantasy.

    Forced Slavery

    Being a forced slave you must do everything your mistress tells you or you are in big trouble. You must do all the housework and lick her stiletto boots. A forced maid must be dressed in a leather, pvc or rubber outfit and always have her feather duster at her disposal ready for action. Your maid training will be a strict regime of cleaning and meeting your mistresses demands. Your mistress ties you up after you have washed the dishes and inspects the plates in front of you. If a tiny piece of dirt is found on the plate then your mistress is not happy and you will be punished accordingly…Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Forced Slavery Fantasy.


    Forced Sissification
    Sissy maids are probably the most popular forced fantasy. As part of your sissy boy transformations, you will be forced to wear panties and a frilly sissy maid uniform, white apron,black stockings and black shiny high heels. You will be submissive and address everyone as sir or ma’am. You will attend to all cleaning duties including the toilets wearing your long black rubber gloves. You will not get paid for your services and be grateful that you have been allowed to clean your mistresses house.Click Here and Join Your Ultimate Forced Sissy Fantasy.

    Whatever your forced fantasy is be sure to visit as they have an excellent membership site…with loads of forced transvestite stories.