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My Closet Crossdresser Secret

Tracy’s story
Hi my name is Tracy, I am a closet crossdresser. It all started when i was 15 and saw my mother in her underware, she had on a sexy black bra with matching black knickers, suspenders and black seemed stockings, she was getting ready to go out with my dad. I thought that looks sexy after they went out I went up to their bedroom and went looking in my mothers draws to find her underwear. I put on a her bra and knickers, suspender belt and stockings i also put on a jumper and a skirt and a pair of 4 inch high heels then I looked at my self in the mirror. I looked and felt so sexy that i stayed like that for 2hrs. From then on I got dressed up when ever I could.

When I got older I moved out and got married after a couple of years my wife found out about my crossdressing and left me. As I have my own place I am always dressed up. I have not been out in the day time dressed up, but have been out dressed up late at night to go to the cash point and to just walk the streets near my place.

Love Tracyxxx

My big but opening secret
I’ve always been the one in my family to do things right and was the “good” boy. If anyone saw me in my family they knew I was the one they could trust to stay out of trouble. Around sixth grade I was hitting “The Growing” stage but also found my moms bra. I would sneak her bras into the restroom and put them on. It made me feel so good. So I did it for a little while till my mom found one and asked “Who is taking my stuff ! “. I didn’t answer to her nor did my younger bros. So I stopped for a while and didn’t start until high school again cause I started feeling the urge again.

I still cross-dress to this day but I finally told a cousin of mine and she kind of thought it was cool cause we wear the same size clothing. I plan on telling one more cousin cause I know she will understand. It is scary but it gives me comfort to be able to share this with someone. I love dressing up cause it makes me feel sexy, beautiful, and plus it kind turns me on hahaha. Right now I am an indoors dresser but eventually plan on taking it to the streets.

So if anyone can give some good advice one looking legitimate as possible I would love all comments. Hope all of you feel as good as I do and keep being super sexy girls!!

Love, Alexis Marie Salazar.

Jorja’s little secret
As far back as I can remember I enjoyed wearing panties and nighties, I honestly have no idea where these feelings originated from but I ran with it. I can remember wearing my older sisters panties and bras. My mother caught me one time and I had no idea what to say to her. I think I was about 14 or 15. Since then I find myself being intoxicated by these items. I would always find a reason to go to a friends house where i could sneak a peak at there mothers or sisters panty drawer. Sometimes I would come across a item that i must have and take one or two of them.This went on for years obtaining quit a collection of lingerie. I would wear these trophy’s if you will most every night and under my school clothes. I know that was wrong to steal them and to this day i feel a little bad but in my case how was i going to get them.

Moving ahead some 15 years ,through many girlfriends some understood some did not, then a long comes my wife who embraced it to the fullest. She would always buy me new items and knew exactly what i liked. One night she brought a man home and said I was to go get dressed for him. Needless to say i was shocked and played it off but she demanded and took me to the bedroom where she lay out this outfit for me and said get dressed. I did as she said and from that moment on i knew what i must do. i divorced her sometime later.

I now have my own home and yes my own panty drawer, I truly enjoy the feel of womens undergarments on my body ,Standing in front of a full mirror dressed in some red panties ,red bra ,garter belt ,stockings and 5″ pumps is quit pleasing to the eye. Someday I will get enough nerve to go out into the night air farther than my front door.

Thanks Jorja

Caught In the Act!

Cendrillon pour Pin Up Princess
photo credit: Valentin.Ottone

Hi, I have always felt a compulsion to wear feminine clothes particularly lingerie. I never told my girlfriend about this because I was scared about how she might react.

We often work diffrent shifts and one afternoon I couldn’t resist the urge and dressed in some of her lingerie. I then applied make up and felt great so sexy and natural and…right. I looked my self up and down and felt a wave of sexual excitement wash all over me. Then I heard the front door close. SHE WAS HOME.

I scanned the bedroom and saw the clothes everywhere there was nothing I could do. I waited for her to walk in to be honest I think deep down I wanted her to know about this and accept it. She walked in and looked shocked. I didn’t know what to say. What could I say. “What are you doing?” she asked shocked and confused.

I told her how I felt and how it made me felt. She took a moment to have a cigarette and then as I dressed back into my old clothes she stopped me. “What are you doing?” she asked. I replied that I was getting dressed. “No I want you back in those you sexy slut”. She told me how my behind looked great in the red knickers. I felt so content. Sex was amazing and now we regularly incoporate it. I feel happier and the relationship is stronger.

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My Secret Fetish

fishnet stockingsI first began wearing stockings, then high heels and followed by everything else…panties, bra, miniskirts, perfume and make up. I loved the way it felt being dressed up and feeling sexy. The most significant part of the excitement was the visual aspect…seeing myself in the mirror.

I began developing my mannerisms and the way I walked while dressed that made me feel more feminine. Of course it was done in secret but several times I ventured outside at night just sitting on the porch and once walked to the car in the driveway where the excitement of maybe someone seeing me was a thrill. I did share my fetish with a girlfriend and she loved it! We shared many nights with me dressed up. We even went out shopping together for clothes for me. That was exciting to!

Anon xx

Phylisanne’s Story

Crossdressing Writers Club Entry By Phylisanne.

Dear Zoe,

This is a summary about me. My name is Phylisanne and I’m a Cross dresser and very proud to be woman. I have been dressing for many years and just about ten years on I finally came out to my wife. This was a very hard moment for me as I’d been dreading this for a long time.

My wife is a great person and she understood what I have been going through so finally I was able to express myself as I always wanted.

I joined Tri Ess and then a cross-dressing group in long island. From there I then joined a cd group called ‘Cross dressers International’. This lasted for about eight years and I’m now currently part of a meet up group that meets every Thursday in Manhattan.

Our meeting place is a bar called ‘The Nowhere Bar’ and we have about 150 members. Now as for my dressing I usually under dress to go out to work and this is my lingerie under work clothes .when I go out to the city I usually dress very conservatively and travel this way going and coming. I will send you some more pictures of myself.

Thank you



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Hello from Rachel

Hi girls,

I just love cross dressing. It all started when I was about 9, I liked the look of my little sisters clothes but they were too small for me so i started “borrowing” my mum’s underwear. She was quite young and had some sexy black lingerie.

The first time i can remember coming was while dressed in her clothes–sexy knickers, bra, tights, skirt and blouse. I had to wash the knickers quickly and bin the tights.
It was great when i got to 11 or 12 cos her high heels were a perfect fit and i perfected my wiggle whenever i got the chance!

A few years later i met and married my first wife who found it quite a turn on when i wore her underwear. We had great sex with me dressed in her things.
I recently spent a few months living abroad with my girlfriend who then decided it wasn’t for her so left and returned home. Happy days–she left most of her clothes, underwear, bikinis and shoes. All of which were a good fit (shes a 12-14 same as me) so i spent most of my time wearing them around the house and on the terrace.
I even ventured out,after dark., a few times–it felt great.

Now i’m also back in the uk with a new girlfriend, she don’t know about my secret yet but she soon will. I’ll let you all know how it go’s very soon………..
Bye for now.


Chrissies Secret Life

Crossdressing Writers Club Entry By Chrissie.

My first experiences of cross dressing on my own started when I was 11 years as I started puberty, I saw my mum in her underwear one day and had to understand what feelings I was experiencing. While she was out shopping, I went through her drawers and found her underwear and had a strong urge to wear them. The turn on I felt was incredible and so the confusion began. Still I kept wearing them whenever I could and eventually I got caught and was asked if I fancied boys. I replied ‘no’ as I didn’t want a lecture or the response I was expecting. When my brother and I were about 7 years old we dressed in dressed and a photo was taken by our mum, but all that happened then was we all laughed.

I stopped for a while, and then when I moved in with my girlfriend 10 years ago, I started then to go through her things, finding sexier lingerie, I even brought her a few pairs of underwear as a gift, but I noticed she never wore them. So while she went out shopping, I started dressing up in them and trying to find loose fitting skirts and admiring myself in the mirror. I began to feel dirty, as well as being dishonest, going through my partners things.
The next partner I moved in with changed the whole world for me. I still went through her lingerie drawer as normal, but started showing myself on cam on an adult dating web site and noticed the responses I got from guys and even surprise when I saw TV’s for the first time. I then realized of course there was help out help and people to talk to, but the help came from an unexpected source. My girlfriend at this time noticed something was amiss with in our intimate moments and mentioned if I would like to wear a pair of her underwear.

Besides being shocked that she guessed correctly, I was at first embarrassed to give an untruth answer as this turned me on or even the true answer, because I thought it would be the end of us, being with a freak and that she wouldn’t want me and even tell everyone about me. Nervously I responded yes and our relationship went from strength to strength. She scanned web site to explain the state of the affairs and after the questions of how far I wanted to take this, a sex change, dress full time or stay a closet TV.
As we used e-bay almost every day, she started checking clothes that fitted and suited me and convinced me to try and accept just one day of buying, dressing and doing full make up. Then she gave me some of her lingerie to help start my own ward robe. We went to charity and then Chrissie was born. She would find a item of clothing and ask me if ‘Chrissie’ would like this or how would ‘Chrissie’ feel in this. Next came the make up and wigs, she love the idea of being able to choose clothes for Chrissie to wear and do her make up, now we have a nice big collection of photo’s of Chrissie in various style.

We now had moved to Wales to start our lives together with Chrissie, everyday just starting wearing Chrissie sexy underwear under my male clothes, feeling insecure, slowly everyday getting more and more comfortable, buying more sexy clothes, make up. Unfortunately we separated a few years ago and returned about to the UK, but luckily we have remained friends, so I am welcome to visit her and each time she like me to become Chrissie in the evening, waiting patiently for me/her to venture outside. Only the weather has stopped me now over in Wales.
Now living back with my family, Chrissie has now been hidden, suppressed until I can move away and start my life somewhere else. At the moment I feel unable to tell my mum about Chrissie, even though I know she would accept her. Even so, I now feel happy that I have had the chance to be accepted as Chrissie and that she’s there when I need her.

Chrissie xx

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