Cross Dressing Freedom

If you enjoy crossdressing or curious about the needs, wants and desires of us tgirls then you have come to the right place.

My name is Zoe and although I am a man, I just love wearing women’s clothing whenever I get the desire to. I would like to tell you my story purely because it might help you and others like you to pluck up the courage and do something about the feelings you have about cross-dressing. You may have your own reasons to crossdress, some men do it for sexual gratification or have a fantasy, others because they enjoy the experience of feeling like a woman. Some crossdressers are professionals such as drag queens or escorts and others just like to wear silk knickers and stockings under their boring man clothes whilst they are at work. There are lots of different reasons and feelings as to why we would want to dress up in women’s clothes.



With so many crossdressers, tgirls, transgendered girls online, it’s never been easier to find your perfect friend, partner or hot date.

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A picture speaks a thousand words. There are over 8,000 crossdressing pictures in this section with more being added all of the time.

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If you are looking for a bit of camera action then have a look at the crossdressing video section. There is something for everyone with some crossdressing movies made especially for you.

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Crossdressing Men

Men crossdress for lot’s of different reasons. This is where you can read about other peoples views and opinions about the subject including the answer to the most asked question….Why do men Crossdress?

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Here is where you will find all your crossdressing stories including the newly launched crossdressing writers club where you can tell everyone about yourself and the antics you get up to.

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I want to provide you with the information you are looking for and by completing the crossdressing survey this will help me to do so. It only takes 5 mins to do and it’s fun also.

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Forced Crossdressing

Act out your ultimate fantasies in the new forced crossdressing area. Some highly recommended ultimate fantasy membership sites are reviewed here. (This area is only recommended for the adult market.)

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Advice & Tips

We are all looking for advice on fashion, makeup, your figure, gender issues etc. This section is ever developing to help you understand and become the perfect lady.

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